Universal Knife Block, Stainless Steel Round Knife Holder with Scissors-Slot, Counter-top Storage, Holds 12 8.5”-Blade Knives, 9” by 4.5”

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Color: Stainless Steel


  • DESIGNED TO SAVE SPACE: Save space and enjoy a huge amount of capacity! Measuring 4.5” in width and 9” in height, it holds up to 12 knives with 8” blades plus a pair of kitchen shears. With a slim profile, it has compact countertop footprint which makes it convenient for saving space in small kitchens.
  • WEIGHTED BOTTOM WITH DRAIN HOLES: The weighted rubber bottom keeps the slim block from tipping over and helps it stay in place. The anti-slip feature ensures stability when handling the knives. The drain holes on the bottom keeps the mold from growing and your knives clean and dry.
  • UNIVERSAL STORAGE: Thanks to the slot-less universal design, all blade shapes and sizes up to 8” fit easily anywhere inside the frame. It is ideal for carving knives, paring knives, chef knives, bread knives, steak knives, utility knives, and more! Plus, it includes a slot for a pair of kitchen shears.
  • KEEPS KNIVES SHARP: Keep that edge pointy n’ sharp; no more blunted ends! The bottoms of the knives do not touch the surface of the block, protecting the sharpness of the blades. To keep the length of the blades sharp as a razor, slide them into the block with the blunt edge pressing against the frame instead of the sharp side.
  • EASY AND SECURE INSERTION: Features a wide top for easy insertion of the knives, and a narrow bottom to keep them securely in place.

Details: The universal knife block is manufactured with the average American girl (or man!) in mind. Most of us cook in moderately-sized kitchens, yet we own a huge amount of cooking equipment like different-sized pots, various kitchen gadgets, an assortment of dishes for all occasions, and of course; knives! Knives come in so many sizes, shapes, and uses for all the many culinary creations we churn out daily to feed the household (or just ourselves.) All those knives need a proper place to stay if you want them to stay sharp and useful and live a long life. So… Time to get organized! Here are some important factors to consider before purchasing a knife block: SIZE: It’s important to ensure that your most frequently used knives will fit into the slots of the knife block, so measure the size of your knives before choosing a knife block. The Universal Knife Block sports a slotless design so that all knives with blades up to 8” long will fit easily into the block. In fact, it easily holds up to 12 knives! MATERIALS: The knife block is crafted with a steel outer construction for increased protection and easy cleaning, and plastic slots for durable functionality. A PLACE TO PUT THE BLOCK ON: Walking off with a compact design that packs the punch is the way to go when choosing a knife block, especially if your countertop space is limited. The Universal Knife Block measures a slim 9”x4.5” and fits up to 12 knives with blades up to 8” long. Keep it tucked into a corner or in a strategic place on the countertop or shelf. DESIGN: While it’s true that the main focus when buying a knife block should be practicality and functionality, an aesthetically pleasing block can make your kitchen look more appealing. The Universal Knife Block is fingerprint resistant, and has a smooth rounded body with a timeless stainless-steel colored frame for a modern look.