Kitchen Timer, 2 Pack Digital Kitchen Timers [ 2020 Version ] Magnetic Countdown Timer with Loud Alarm, Big Digits, Back Stand for Cooking, Classroom, Bathroom, Teachers, Kids - AAA Battery Included

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Color: 2 Pack Timer W/ Battery- Senior White


  • πŸ… This Upgraded Version Digital Timer is the latest version 4.0 timer! Can both count down and count up. Over 8,000,000 power users benefit from this best-selling kitchen timer in 2019. Now, with this #1 kitchen recommended timer, you can know when to start or stop!
  • πŸ’― 100% useful kitchen timer, cook like a pro! Say goodbye to underdone burgers and overcooked steaks. It will also work perfectly as kids timer, teachers timer, students timer, classroom timer, cooking timer, bathroom timer, meeting timer, game timer, egg timer, BBQ timer. Such an amazing product, worth every cent!
  • βœ… Super easy to use. Press both MIN & SEC button to reset to 00:00, then start timing. Kids can easily make it work too! Loud alarm ensure hearing at another room. Strong magnetic back pad allow easily sticking on refrigerator, ovens. ( Alarm will also beep during setting, may not suit for quiet demand. )
  • πŸ”‹ 2020 Upgraded Version has no ON/OFF button. Power-saving AAA battery included, can last for 1.5 years. Once remove insulating film, standby to work for you at any time! ( Stop working? Don't like it? Full refund! )
  • πŸ’–1000+ Days Worry-free Warranty! Stop working? Magnet fall off? Weak magnet? Battery die? Screen broken? Button broken? Too loud? Too small? No OFF button? Don't like it? Email us for free replacement or full refund!!! Now, your search for the best kitchen timer is finally over here! ( YOU WILL GET: 2 Pack* Digital Timer [ size: 6.5 x 5.7 cm ]; 2 Pack* AAA Battery; 1000+ Days Warranty! )

Details: πŸ…The Best-selling Digital Timer in 2019 βœ…Your Search for the Best Digital Timer is Finally Over Here! Based on the data, there is over 8,000,000 units sold worldwide. This timer is rated as the best-selling timer in 2019. #1 Countdown Timer for kitchen, kids, teachers, students, classroom, cooking, bathroom, meeting, games, egg, BBQ. πŸ’ͺSimple Timer, Big Help! Many times you end up with overcooked burgers and underdone steak. Now, this countdown timer can tell you when to start or stop accurately! Its loud alarm ensure hearing in another room. Safely watching TV while cooking. 100% useful for kids and teacher to manage the time! 😘100% Easy To Use! Once remove insulating film, timer standby to work for you! Press both MIN & SEC button to reset to 00:00, then start timing. Kids can easily make it work too! Strong magnetic back pad allow easily sticking on refrigerator, ovens. Come with AAA battery, worth every cent! πŸ“Memory function guide: When countdown to 00:00, press START/PAUSE will return back to the time you set before. ❗❗❗Please Note: πŸ’–1. The AAA battery has already upgraded power-saving function, there is no ON/OFF button, timer will always on and standby; πŸ’–2. If magnet pad fall off, please email us for free replacement or full refund! πŸ’–3. The alarm is loud and can not be turned off. Will also beed during setting, may not suit for quiet classroom; πŸ’–4. Portable size: 6.5 x 5.7 cm; πŸ’–5. Please don't stick it on the hot pad; YOU WILL GET: βœ…2 Pack* Digital Timer; βœ…2 Pack* AAA Battery; βœ…1000+ Days Worry-free Warranty! πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰Don't miss this great product! Now, place your order and receive it within 1~3 days!